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Year: 2017

Happy New year

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We want to wish all of you a very happy New Year 2017 and thank you for your cooperation.

We are looking forward to 2018 together with you, our friends and our partners all over the world.

Back from Medica 2017

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A warm and big thank you for all visits to our booth and for your likes and comments to our little diary on LinkedIn during Medica 2017.

Some of you have asked us about the videos running on the monitors at the backwall of our booth.

The videos are the new 3-D movies of the lateral positioning system Hip Fix 2015 (single use pads) and the Leg & Arm Lift with the range of single use straps for holding and supporting limbs during pre-operative scrubbing.

Links to the movies:



Opitek International to handle Pedistirrup sales worldwide

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It is our pleasure to announce that Opitek International has been granted  the rights for worldwide sales, marketing, customer support and all activities related to distributors.

The rights are granted from the manufacturer of the PediStirrup – IMDS, Netherlands – and this company will act as the manufacturer, holder of intellectual properties (CE-mark, FDA registration, MDD classification documents etc.).

Opitek International will handle all inquiries regarding sales, quotations, spare parts repairs etc.

We are looking forward to servicing all PediStirrup customers – both exisiting and coming.

New Lifting strap available from Q1-2017

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Lifting strap 2006-70-1

This strap is now available as a single product – is also a part of the lift string set 2006-70 combined with velcro string 2006-60
The strap is a wide version of the soft foam strap (2006-50) and is suitable for a.o. prone positioned patients.
For an overview of our accessories for the Arm & Leg Lift please click here