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Leg and Arm Lift

The preparation of a surgical site on either the arms or legs of a patient often requires lifting, holding and lowering procedures. This job is normally undertaken by theatre staff, and can be physically demanding.

This unique electrical lift (hoist) uses a hand control to lift the patient's leg or arm into the correct position. The limb can also be lowered using the hand control to ensure a smooth and safe process.

The lift operates by battery, and can easily be re-charged over-night.

The lift can accommodate a patient in a supine, prone (abdominal), lateral or sitting position, and the versality enables the lift to be used at any OR table whilst respecting the sterile zone at all times. The aspect of versality is unique for this model and gives the scrub nurse several degrees of freedom and ease of performing the job.

Bilateral lifting of 2 legs is possible with the standard equipped "2 leg lifting arm".

A height extender (32cm) is included to help lifting arms when the patient is in a sitting position (ex.: Beach Chair).

Video examples of the leg & arm lift in clinical use.


Accessories for the leg and arm lift

The lifting strap with soft foam 2006-50

Used to support i.e. ankle, calf, knee

Adhesive Velcro Coin 2006-65

For forefoot and finger lifting. To be used with lifting strap 2006-60. Skin friendly - non allergenic.

The lifting strap with velcro 2006-60

Used to support arm (beach-chair), fingers, fore-foot and ankle

The lifting strap set 2006-70 or single wide strap 2006-70-1

Used for patient in the prone position. Set 2006-70 consists of 2 straps: 1 wide soft strap (=2006-70-1) for the thigh & 1 velcro strap (=2006-60) for the ankle.

Standard accessories

Included in the delivery from mid-2014:

Standard lifting arm
Bilateral lifting arm ("2 leg lift")
Heigth extender, 32cm (Ex. beach Chair)

Battery, 24V

Artikel # ZBA-142211

Handcontrol with cable

Artikel # 9097140015

AC Adaptor 28V - 0.5A

Article # (EU plug) 9097150008
Article # (UK plug) 4335906


Download the IFU here

Download the manual for control box, battery and charging here