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Leg and Arm Lift

The preparation of a surgical site on either the arms or legs of a patient often requires lifting, holding and lowering procedures. This job is normally undertaken by theatre staff, and can be physically demanding.

This unique electrical lift (hoist) uses a hand control to lift the patient's leg or arm into the correct position. The limb can also be lowered using the hand control to ensure a smooth and safe process.

The lift operates by battery, and can easily be re-charged over-night.

The leg lift can accommodate a patient in a supine, prone (abdominal), lateral or sitting position.

Bilateral lifting of 2 legs is possible with the standard equipped "2 leg lifting arm".

A height extender (32cm) is included to help lifting arms when the patient is in a sitting position (ex.: Beach Chair).

Video examples of the leg- & arm lift in clinical use.

Watch our video about the leg- & armlift in 3D on this page

Accessories for the leg- and armlift

The lifting strap with soft foam 2006-50

Used to support i.e. ankle, calf, knee

Adhesive Velcro Coin 2006-65

For forefoot and finger lifting. To be used with lifting strap 2006-60. Skin friendly - non allergenic.

The lifting strap with velcro 2006-60

Used to support arm (beach-chair), fingers, fore-foot and ankle

The lifting strap set 2006-70 or single wide strap 2006-70-1

Used for patient in the prone position. Set 2006-70 consists of 2 straps: 1 wide soft strap (=2006-70-1) for the thigh & 1 velcro strap (=2006-60) for the ankle.

Standard accessories

Included in the delivery from mid-2014:

Standard lifting arm
Bilateral lifting arm ("2 leg lift")
Heigth extender, 32cm (Ex. beach Chair)

Battery, 24V

Artikel # ZBA-142211

Handcontrol with cable

Artikel # 9097140015

AC Adaptor 28V - 0.5A

Article # (EU plug) 9097150008
Article # (UK plug) 4335906


Download the IFU here


Download the manual for control box, battery and charging here